Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Final Stretch

We are on spring break this week. When we go back, we have 19 instructional days until our state testing. Eek!

Normally, I don't stress too much about state testing. It is what is, and my kids usually do just fine.

However, this year I'm anxious. Really anxious. We implemented Common Core State Standards this year in ELA and Math. Our state test covers our old state standards. (Makes a lot of sense, I know.)

One of my teammates and I gave short practice tests this week to give us some data for whole- and small-group instruction the next few weeks. It wasn't pretty. I'm afraid we spent so much time on CCSS that we missed some of the little, random state standards that are tested. I know they'll be prepared for fifth grade common core, but now our test scores could suffer. :( I hate caring about test scores, but our school rating (and level of state involvement in running the school) depends on the percentage of students passing. That goal is 80% this year. (Our evaluation scores are affected by students' scores, too. Ugh.)

Last year? 100% of my kiddos passed. This year, CCSS turned my teaching upside down (mostly in a good way)...and the predictors don't look good. Not only is my class the polar opposite of last year's class (chatty, unmotivated, highly distractible,...), but I didn't teach everything that will be on the test. This was directed by my district and supported by my principal.

I have just 19 days to fill in as many gaps as possible. I am nervous beyond belief. My teammate and I are working on a plan...I just hope it works!

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  1. Hey Dawn, I just found your blog from the Bloggers by state linky. I SO feel you on teaching common core standards but being tested on AZ standards. Same situation in my classroom too! In fact I just posted about it! Anyway, good luck next week! I'm your newest follower.