Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gorgeous New Design + Dropbox + Tried it Tuesday


First of all, I have to thank Megan for the wonderful blog design! Please go visit her at A Bird in Hand Blog Design. Isn't it beautiful?! I told her some of my favorite things, and she had this done, lickety split! Easier than you could ever believe.

A Bird in Hand Blog Design

Thanks, Megan!


Next up - Dropbox. Have you used Dropbox? If you haven't, you must. It's a life-changer. Truly. Our server at school had a period of time where it was very unreliable, so I stopped using it. Flash drives filled too quickly, so I bought an external hard drive. I used to carry that thing back and forth between school and home. Every day. And then last summer, one of the connector pieces broke. I nearly died. Everything was on that little piece of storage, and I hadn't backed it up recently. Silly, I know. Fortunately, my boyfriend's wonderful dad helped recover all of my files, so all was not lost. However, I had a huge wake-up call. I needed something durable, reliable, and easy to use wherever I happened to be.

Enter Dropbox. I can access it from my school computers, home computer, iPad - and there's even an app for phones! It's reliable storage for my files. (Don't you just love The Cloud?!) I don't have to worry about having my hard drive with me. My files just exist in the right place. Always. 

If you haven't signed up, you need to do it. There's nothing to lose. Give it a try. Paid subscriptions are available if you need a lot of storage, but free storage is plentiful (and able to expand with referrals).

If you'd like some bonus storage (500MB) and would like to help me out, too, please use this link to sign up. You won't regret it! Free Dropbox Account - just click here for bonus storage! 

Tried it Tuesday Linky

Since Dropbox is something new I tried this year, I'm linking up with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for her first Tried it Tuesday linky party!

Go see what everyone else is trying this Tuesday!



  1. I love dropbox! Can't imagine not having it. I found you from Fourth Grade Flipper's linky. I'm a new follower. (It is always so fun to find another 4th grade teacher!)
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

    1. Thanks! I'm inspired by all of your posts on your blog! (I'm your newest follower, too!) If I can get up to one per week on a regular basis during this school year, I'll be pleased with myself. Ha.

      I am so glad that Dropbox entered my world. It's a life-changer.

  2. I need to sign up for this! Right now I have my files backed up on flashdrives and our school server but this would be so much better!! Thank you so much for linking up! I love finding other 4th grade teachers to connect with:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    P.S. Your blog design is super cute!!

    1. Oh, you definitely need to sign up for Dropbox! It simplifies everything! The fact that I can effortlessly use files from one device to another is what makes it so valuable to me.

      I love finding other 4th grade teachers, too. It seems as if more and more of us are crawling into blog world. I'm trying. :)

  3. Dropbox is the bomb! My college daughter uses it to upload the papers she is working on, so she can work on them whenever and where ever she wants. I am loving your blog and I am your 4th follower, my very lucky number!!!


    1. Yay! Thanks for following!

      I can only imagine how life would've been different with Dropbox in college... :)

  4. I love Dropbox! I have been using it for over a year now, and it is so nice to have all my files in one place. Before I would have some things saved at home and some at school, and I always needed something that I didn't have with me. Now I can access my stuff from anywhere, even on my phone!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

    1. Exactly! Such a time-saver, and so helpful for forgetful people (like me) who might leave files in the wrong place. :)

  5. Dropbox is the best! My favorite part about it is the option to share your files. It really helps create opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues.

    I'm so glad to find another 4th grade beginning blogger! I'm your newest follower.

    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Yes! I can't believe I didn't mention the collaboration possibilities. We use it on my team - still in a limited way, as we're all learning. The best thing we've learned is to pull out a file before working on it, so we don't end up with multiple conflicted copies.

      Yay for 4th grade beginning bloggers! I'm heading to yours right now. :)

  6. Hi Dawn!
    I love the blog design! Megan did mine too and I loved working with her!

    I love Dropbox too--it makes life so much easier!

    teaching,life,and everything in between

  7. Hi Jen!

    Megan sure is wonderful. I'm a new follower on your blog. I love connecting with other upper elementary teachers! Thanks for stopping by!