Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Okay, so I haven't been blogging long - or much - but there's one post I'd love to share with you today as part of Throwback Thursday. I'm linking up with Cara at the First Grade Parade - and wow, there's a bunch of great posts to see!

This was originally posted on April 15, 2013. I only had a few followers back then, and was really hoping to hear from people and get some input. I'm still in touch with my student teacher, so it's not too late to offer her advice. ;)


This school year, I've purchased so many great resources on Teachers Pay Teachers! I know I'm not alone.

Some of my favorites are pictured here:
Task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View

Math Skills Scoot Bundle by Math Mojo
Assessment Posters & Forms by 3rd Grade Thoughts
Vocabulary Task Card Bundle by Rachel Lynette
I would love your input on the following. My student teacher has asked for advice, and I have shared what I do, but I don't experiment much. It made me wonder if other methods are better!

  • Do you print in color or grayscale?
  • At home, school, or even a copy store?
  • Inkjet or laser printer?
  • Do you laminate at home or school?
  • Do you cut materials apart before and/or after laminating?
  • Do you cut by hand, or do you have a favorite paper cutter or trimmer?

Please share your strategies and any specific products you use and love. We only have five weeks of school left, and I want to be sure to send her off with the best advice possible. :)


Here is the one and only comment I received, from Courtney at Polka Dot Lesson Plans. I'd love for you to join in and share, too!

Dawn, I'm so glad you posed these questions because I've been thinking this same thing myself! In the last 2 months I've used up 2 whole color ink cartridges just printing goodies from TpT! 
Color or Grayscale? Color for games, task cards,and anything I plan to laminate and use again. Grayscale for anything I'm going to make copies of for the students. 
I do color printing at home and grayscale both at home and school. 
I have a small color ink jet printer/scanner that I use just for color printing and then a Brother grayscale laser printer for everything else. The laser printer has been a great investment. I print until my heart is content and have only replaced the cartridge roughly 5 times in 4 years. Because of that I'm so tempted to buy a laser color printer!
I laminate at home and I cut before I laminate. I have a Scotch Thermal laminator (from Wal Mart) that I love! 
I also use a fiskars paper cutter (from the scrapbook section) to cut most things. 
Sorry to have written you a book here...I didn't realize I had so much to say about copying and laminating! I'm anxious to hear what others have to say. 

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  1. Hey Dawn! I LOOOOVE to print in color!! Especially on cardstock!! I usually color print at home and do grey scale at school. Anything that I'm going to keep for years gets color printed and laminated. I'm not sure which type of printer I have, but reading Courtney's post, I probably DON'T have a laser color printer BUT NEED to get one ASAP! This summer I'm anticipating going through a TON of ink printing my TPT items to preview prior to uploading. I laminate at school and usually send it home to parents to cut out:) I've lucked out in having awesome parent volunteers! I have a personal laminator at home but I found out the hard way that dry erase markers stain the film:( It's probably the kind that I buy...but I can do it for free at school, so I might as well!! I'm wondering if there are any schools that reimburse teachers for the cost of ink cartridges?!?!?! Wouldn't that be a dream come true;)