Monday, April 15, 2013

Color Printing and Laminating

This school year, I've purchased so many great resources on Teachers Pay Teachers! I know I'm not alone.

Some of my favorites are pictured here:
Task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View
Math Skills Scoot Bundle by Math Mojo
Assessment Posters & Forms by 3rd Grade Thoughts
Vocabulary Task Card Bundle by Rachel Lynette
I would love your input on the following. My student teacher has asked for advice, and I have shared what I do, but I don't experiment much. It made me wonder if other methods are better!

  • Do you print in color or grayscale?
  • At home, school, or even a copy store?
  • Inkjet or laser printer?
  • Do you laminate at home or school?
  • Do you cut materials apart before and/or after laminating?
  • Do you cut by hand, or do you have a favorite paper cutter or trimmer?

Please share your strategies and any specific products you use and love. We only have five weeks of school left, and I want to be sure to send her off with the best advice possible. :)


  1. Dawn, I'm so glad you posed these questions because I've been thinking this same thing myself! In the last 2 months I've used up 2 whole color ink cartridges just printing goodies from TpT!

    Color or Grayscale? Color for games, task cards,and anything I plan to laminate and use again. Grayscale for anything I'm going to make copies of for the students.

    I do color printing at home and grayscale both at home and school.

    I have a small color ink jet printer/scanner that I use just for color printing and then a Brother grayscale laser printer for everything else. The laser printer has been a great investment. I print until my heart is content and have only replaced the cartridge roughly 5 times in 4 years. Because of that I'm so tempted to buy a laser color printer!

    I laminate at home and I cut before I laminate. I have a Scotch Thermal laminator (from Wal Mart) that I love!

    I also use a fiskars paper cutter (from the scrapbook section) to cut most things.

    Sorry to have written you a book here...I didn't realize I had so much to say about copying and laminating! I'm anxious to hear what others have to say.

    1. Thanks so much for your reply. In my head, I had replied to you, and then realized today I never did! I'm going to repost this as part of Throwback Thursday to see if we can get the conversation going. :)